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On Going Projects

SY 60.YIL42mt NBRoyal Denizcilik
MY Serenitas32mt NBYacht Marine
SY BN8630mt NBRMK Shipyard
MY BN8045mt NBRMK Shipyard


Besides tens of seasonal repairs at yachts between 15 to 45 meters our completed projects are;

MY Jangada(LittleFish)40mt refitRMK Shipyard
MY Capri58mt refitDunya Yachts
SY NazeninV52mt NBRMK Shipyard
MY Forty Love40mt refitRMK Shipyard
MY Dejatoo52mt refitDunya Yachts
MY Let It Be42mt refitPalmali
MY Dream On38mt NBSoyaslan Yachts
SY Melite24mt NBNereids Yachts
MY Cornelia34mt NBRMK Shipyard
MY Atlant28mt refitRMK Shipyard
SY Efes5618mt NBGİPTAŞ
MY Galactica28mt refitUrsa Shipyard
MY CameleonB42mt refitRMK Shipyard
MY TalismanC54mt NBProteksan Shipyard
MY Petara58mt NBProteksan Shipyard
MY Blue Moon Of East28mt refitUrsa Shipyard
MY Galactica28mt refitPalmali/Bakü